Saturday, March 7, 2009

Juicy Chefs

More TC reunion from this week's TVguide.

click to enlarge TVguide (paper version) had unseen bits from the reunion. Good little article - wish it was longer. And, just because I'm the sharing type, here's my scan of the (2/3 page) article for y'all - just click it. ;-)

Loved Stefan's reply when asked if he cared that he lost: "Don't give a rosy rat's ass!" - And he also quotes a website that compared his face to a cross between that guy on 'The Shield' and Brad Pitt(?)

Meanwhile the others joked with Ariane about being on Bravo's future version of Desperate Housewives: New Jersey. And the chefs also kidded Padma for details about her love life, but she clammed up. Speaking of Padma, a favorite moment of Stefan's?
- smoking outside with Padma after the finale.


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