Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brevity Is The...

... Soul Of Wit .* *I hope. Shakespeare's claim, yes?

At any rate, the/an explanation is below.
so, without further ado, here's my tacky tale:


Had to tell someone, so I went to my best pal. He runs a micro-lending bank in a vacant lot, under the shade of a toothpick tree. His business was slow that day, so I talked while we drank. We got through a fifth of Jack Daniels before he spoke.

‘You’ll get your revenge; we’re going to Torquemada!’

‘We’re going to see the leader of The Tube Police!?’

‘No, no, ‘Torquemada’, the pepper capital of Spain.’

‘Huh? – I don’t get it – I’m as lost as a bear in a 12-step program.’

Ignoring my confusion he continued: ”Those college ’sports’ from the astrolab that glued Uranus open while they poured in Ugandan coffee? We’ll return the favor...

We’re getting the hottest peppers T-town sells, and stuffing them into their wormholes so far that they’ll glow like radioactive isotopes. They’ll be singing a ‘Neptune’ when we get done. Heck, they’ll be blowing bubbles out their kazoos that’ll kill a tarantula at five paces. Lets go.”

Two days later, a new Big Bang took place. Success.

(the end, as it were)

Yesterday 'The Daily Wit' posted my story.(link)

Its the first one I've entered as part of their series of random topics. And (I know you guessed) the italicised words were the 15 required items.

I took some care trying to make it as readable, yet as compact as possible, so I was quite pleased when the webmaster there used a quote from Mark Twain to praise my effort... Woo! (insert smiley face here) Hope you enjoyed it.

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