Friday, June 19, 2009

Prick With A Fork

I coudn't resist...
That pic, plus the bottom line? Priceless
Dunno the guy, but could be truth in advertising...

...some of the added comments:
# I'd suggest..."Prick package with a fork"... but that might be worse.

# The guy signed on to advertise the "new, thicker Fairy" that "keeps on going," which leads me to believe that his overall judgment in terms of marketing copy is seriously impaired.

# note the first letters of the top 3 lines spell "Ass."

# My dentist once said, "you might feel a little prick"
That last one had me LOL...

the original (sausage) link: the Consumerist


  1. Lol! The dentist line made me laugh too. I keep chuckling looking at that packaging haha.

  2. Hahaha ... Ainsley Harriott is soooooo irritating! Trust me, no false advertising there.