Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Panty Line

*click* for pic of bar (copyrighted)
*click above* for actual image from article...

*from 1010wins news:
Residents Hang Panties in Hope of Silencing Bar
Residents in a building next to the Cooper Square hotel say they are losing sleep and their sanity due the bar that is only inches from their homes.

'The bar is only 29 inches from our windows - less than 3 feet - ' one resident said, 'we hear everything'.

The outdoor bar closes at 8 p.m., but residents say the indoor bar creates just as much noise.

So they created a lingerie line of defense.

Residents strung up soiled panties, bras, and other unmentionables in plain view of the bar, hoping it would remind patrons that people actually live right next-door.
Would undies deter you from going to your hotel's bar?

(I've been in dives that would be improved by that view.
But maybe CSq's patrons are more delicate than I am...)

Followup: the area near the bar, from the other side...
(via flickr) a pic of buildings near the panties


  1. fyi:

    Had an interesting delay in these last few posts showing up - didn't realize it until I got back from a trip... but they're here now at least!

  2. LOL it wouldn't stop me from going to the bar ... but I'd probably have a bigger drink