Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Racing Round the Web

I only know 'Volvo' for its cars, but they also do ocean races.
Maybe the car bits are under? - they do have unique keels...

Never been on a racing yacht; I think I'd get horribly seasick.
But that doesn't stop me from occasionaly tuning in... try online here, or if you're lucky, on your local PBS, to get a glimpse of these boats in action.
Volvo 'Around the World' Race, last eps:
Ep 8 - June 10th, Versus @ 4pm
Ep 9 - July 8th, 2009
{1 min}


  1. We've been watching it here too! Very exciting :-) I love sailing, but I know these races would be a challenge. My husband & I catch up on this show often, but thanks for sharing the links! I had no idea the show was being shown so much.

  2. Love the 12 meter racing... or the 30 meter cruising haha...

    I saw this one (Savannah) docked at the main Monte Carlo harbor last year and just about fell in love.