Friday, June 26, 2009

Easy Bake Off

...not your mother's bake off.

click for official 'recipes'... don't say I didn't warn you !A girl won "EASY-BAKE 2009 Baker of the Year"
What was Catherine's winning recipe you ask?

one EASY-BAKE sugar cookie mix
add a few strawberries
and a bit of lemon curd
now its time to Easy-Bake.
Impressed? You should be.

That recipe won her a trip to Disneyworld,
... plus another trip for four to San Francisco.

I know. There is no justice.

yes - its a real book

To ease your pain a bit, Easy-Bake for grown-ups,
*including a recipe for Wild Mushroom Flan
recipes in links at NPR and at Kiddio .org


  1. Ack, that Easy Bake gourmet cookbook drove me crazy. I had to buy it just to see the recipes. There's nothing a kid would want to make and any adult with more than two brain cells wouldn't torture themselves trying these recipes in a light bulb oven.

    However the lemon curd/strawberries/ sugar cookie recipe sounds good.

  2. `
    I couldn't believe that cookbook either - I only saw a few pages of it but I'd love to see you try some... ;-)