Thursday, June 4, 2009

License to Chill

click for orig London Paper pic
007, on ice. (click to see his, um, big one...)

LOL'd at a 'news report' about Daniel Craig, being voted Britain’s 'coolest' and having his sculpted torso recreated as a limited edition ice lolly as part Del Monte's 'Superfruit Smoothies' campaign. The article ends with these lines:
'...artists worked tirelessly to recreate a sculpture of 41-year-old Craig in the scene where he emerges from the sea in Casino Royale.'

'Do you fancy getting your lips around Bond?'

Oh my.
Should I mention he's pomegranate flavored?

{17 sec}


  1. lol nanc. why can't you have some hot girl up there instead? ;]

  2. It's an amazing likeness, for an ice pop.

  3. You know, I never fancied James Bond ... until Daniel Craig played him, which is weird, because I never fancied Daniel Craig until he played James Bond!

    Basically, I'm saying yes, I would like to get my lips round Bond, James Bond

    Ps: Not sure that ice lolly looks like him though ... looks more like Jim off of Neighbours :/