Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everyone Needs An Outlet

click to see the -entire- wall of outlets
*click* pic to see the -entire- wall of outlets.

quote: ''...artfully plug in your appliances wherever the cords look pleasing to you. Imagine no more crowded outlets or multi-plug adapters.

... you don’t have to actually wire all the outlets on the whole wall for electricity, but you’d better come up with a good way to remember which ones are live.''
(No $h!+)... but loved some of the comments:
'know how they say you shouldn’t plug too many cords into the same outlet? This is the exact OPPOSITE of that'

'eliminates need to choose between wallpaper patterns'

'Baby proofing this would be a bitch'

'arrange the other side of the wall to have a mini windmill for every socket...'

'one spilt drink away from an electrical fire'

'illuminating the room by nightlights into those!'

link to orig article at: Ironic Sans

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