Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rubber Rooms, Rubber Heads

(warning, rant ahead)

NYC's Dept of Education gets an 'F'.

AP: '700 hundred NYC public school teachers, accused of offenses ranging from insubordination to sexual misconduct, are being paid their full salaries to sit around all day playing Scrabble, surfing the Internet or just staring at the wall, if that's what they want to do.'

And thats just the beginning...
...salaries of $70,000 or more, the city Department of Education estimates the practice costs the taxpayers $65 million a year. The department blames union rules.

"It is extremely difficult to fire a tenured teacher because of the protections afforded to them in their contract," spokeswoman Ann Forte said.

City officials said that they make teachers report to a 'rubber room' instead of sending they home because the union contract requires that they be allowed to continue in their jobs in some fashion while their cases are being heard. The contract does not permit them to be given other work...
Sheesh, if I lived in NYC I'd be livid... just last week NY mag had an article about how parts of the city are desperate for more teachers.
But because their cases are heard by 23 arbitrators who work only five days a month, stints of two or three years in a rubber room are common, and some teachers have been there for five or six.
NY needs to fire their heads of the NYC Ed. Dept.

Who couldn't see that hiring arbitrators for more days per month will be a heck of a lot less than $65 mil/year?

(sorry, rant over)

link: AP news article, via Yahoo

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