Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Primate Goes Postal

Can Erin survive w/o her shiny ape?
Small silver-suited SpaceApe, speedily sent!
This little guy has traveled so far, to space and back (plus 400 miles on a mail truck), that I figured it was time he got a break. So I let him relax on the coast of Maine. But he still looks stiff! Must be E's fault; she put that too-tight shiny suit on him before she stuffed'm in that envelope for the trip to my place.*
*So tell the ASPCA&PP(& plastic pets) that the guilty party can be found here:
Erin's earnestly evocative exchange empire

j/k Thanks to Erin for the jolly junk mailout. ;-)

- *The film that killed my space monkey's oscar chances...{30 sec}

July update:
camping & canoeing, yet still no smile!

1 comment:

  1. Love the Primate Post. He looks very happy relaxing on the coast. Wasn't it fun getting a random something in the mail? I kept waiting to get mine and was so excited to see what it was when it arrived.