Thursday, June 18, 2009

Star Rodents

A Short Time Ago...

In A Yard Far Far Away (or Close By)...

'' An Imperial Stormtrooper mistakes a chipmunk for a speeder bike. It's all part of amateur photographer Chris McVeigh's 'Crossover' project, in which he tamed animals in his garden to make them pose with his Star Wars toys. ''

the link: w/ more chipmunk pics

Wish I had as much free time as this guy seems to...
... but I'd skip the Star-toy obsession part.


  1. I agree - quite entertaining, but what's the point?

  2. Interesting! I thought, 'These must be photoshopped," but I'll have to check out the link to see what's up!

  3. Loved the fact that (as we see from the nuts in front) he didn't so much tame them - more like he spoke to them in a language they understood... snacks.


  4. Aww! Haha ... So he's a chipmunk whisperer? Cool!