Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boxed, I mean 'Botched' Lunch

Rookies, c'mon down for raw parsnip/salmon sushi!
*Think there were a few 'bleep's on Andrew's comment cards?
Van_and_And Thank heavens he left quietly, ear intact...

But the 'sabotage' of Lisa's rice?
Don't forget that the chefs are not alone in that kitchen... It could easily have been the soundman or the cameraman knocking into the controls as a chef zoomed by. So be quiet Lisa, and next time run to the pantry and grab a leftover bag of '90-sec Uncle Ben's'. Because how could our esteemed TC judges possibly object to that rice, right?

Dale was lucky that Whole Foods is a sponsor, so no judge would challenge WF's bison/buffalo facts. It has to be entirely grass-fed to get those low-fat numbers Dale recited. (While feedlot bison = feedlot beef.) If there's visible fat its not totally grass-fed, and I noticed plenty of fat in/on Dale's. No wonder it was tasty! And as for adding all that mango?... I'd look up the sugar stats before I'd call that 'lo-carb'!

Lastly, a spoiler was hinted at on TWoP... but not much of one. Seems Antonia may be in Puerto Rico. The forum of course jumped to the conclusion that she's a finalist - apparently forgetting that she could easily be there as someone's sous chef, or as part of a reunion shot. I wouldn't be surprised if half the S4 chefs ended up going there at some point.

Ted Allen interview, right before he left to shoot the S4 finale (1 min)

* video opens in a new YouTube window, and his interview is followed by 2 minutes of Hung & Ilan


  1. Loved the link to Ted but too bad he ddint say much about the finals. Amity

  2. Oh, I so loved the "botched lunch" pun. I wish I would have thought of it!

    And the Andrew/Vincent thing is sheer brilliance!

  3. Thank you thank you!...

    The Andrew art was a lot of fun to do... tho if I had any sense I'd hesitate to poke a bit of fun at someone who is:
    a.) full of hyper-energy, -and-
    b.) known to have a set of very sharp knives...