Sunday, May 25, 2008

Truthily, Ted

Top Chef judge Ted Allen updated his blog yesterday.

Ted-bits from his 'truthiest' blog yet:

'Finally, a contestant emerges as the villain!'

…so villainous that her villainy has the blogosphere harrumphing vigorously on behalf of… Dale? The guy who punches lockers, grabs his crotch while yelling at a woman, and calls waiters “a—hole”? O-kayyy.

Personally, I like Dale and Lisa, even though they’ve both had trouble keeping their cool, and I think they’ve both cooked some great food -- but until now, the commentoscenti have been uniformly harsh on both…'


Anonymous wrote: 'you all were 100% wrong to send Dale home over Lisa. Hope someone has a VERY good explanation.'

Ted: We sure do. We tasted the food.
We had no expectation that anybody would be upset.

Remember, when we shoot TC, the judges don’t know anything about the story lines or dramas that are evolving among the contestants, nor do we know which chefs are popular with the fans -- and it’s fairer that way. We base our decisions on the food. What matters is who did best today. In other words, what have you cooked for us lately?

Jay wrote: 'I have heard rumors that the judges were trying to stack the finals with females this year and up until this week have paid [those rumors] no mind, but now I think there might be something behind them.'

Ted: Right - you caught us.
You’re gonna love the swimsuit competition!

Cheers, Ted

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  1. -swimsuit competition-

    I can see it now - just swimsuits and dumb hats and scarfs! ! !