Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yackie Jackie tells all!

Or at least answers a few questions...
* some 'Warner wear' ad poses

After watching this season's uneven episodes, its hard for me to believe that JW can sound so reasonable; but she does okay in two recent Q&A's:

How did you get into the fitness business?

I quit Warner Bros. where I was a script coordinator to go to art school. Someone said ‘You love fitness; you really should get certified.’ So I got certified, went to work for a gym and had so many clients that in six months I started my own gym. I’m the type that can’t work for someone else. (no 5h!+)

What’s the biggest fitness myth?

The myth that you can skip meals to lose weight. If you skip a meal, then with the next you become a fat-storing machine. Eat small meals, more frequently.

What’s your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is power-circuit training. Basically, you lift weights for your upper & lower body and then resistance train to fatigue.

So, working on your upper body you do chest presses then drop and do push-ups to fatigue. Same for lower body; do leg presses then jump squats to fatigue. You’ll be able to do very few squats or pushups. Power-circuit is quick and you use your own body’s resistance.

How do you suggest people begin diet & exercise?

Combine eating right & working out to have fast results; you’ll see your waist change in three weeks.

Figure out your can’t-resist foods and throw them away.
I don’t look at fat or carbs. I look at calories: nothing over 400 calories, 9 grams of sugar, for meals. For snacks, 150 calories - total 1,500 calories a day.

If you cheat, realize it’s just one day. When it happens to me, I just allow myself to eat like a pig to where I’m so disgusted that I want to be good the next day. Don’t just have waffles. Have waffles and ice cream & cookies. I eat well M-F and then on weekends, I have one cheat meal.

All week, avoid sugar to break your sugar addiction. But you can have a cheat meal every weekend and, for me, that’s going to involve sugar.

Your favorite vacation?

I love Mexico. But most relaxing is Bora Bora in a hut over water. You can just be nude and jump into the water. It’s the most relaxing place.

Advice for vacation, do you stick to a fitness plan?

"If you’re on vacation, workout by hiking, walking, snorkeling. I used to only stay at hotels with gyms, but what a waste! I never used them. Sleep, swim, snorkel, have fun and keep it interesting."

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from reality TV?

"That while Bravo execs may like and value what I am doing, they don’t care if I win or lose. Sky Sport and all of it is on me, and I have to make it work, that’s what I learned."

*original Q&A's at Fox News & Boston Herald

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