Friday, May 16, 2008

Hats /off!

... why hats should be banned from Top Chef
Remember former cheftestant Brian M.? (above)
Maybe he passed his 'magic hat trick' on to Spike.

S3: Chef Brian M. was eliminated in fourth place, and therefore should have become a sous chef for one of the finalists. Not only did he avoid this chore, but he managed to come back as one of the judges in the final episode!

S4: Now hat magic is working for Spike.
Odious hats must be like TC-kryptonite;
our bald sous-per-man TomC can't send you away.

It must be the hats; that's the only explanation.


    U knew it had to be something!

  2. Don't forget Miguel Morales from season 1! He had the little black beret and that funky plaid thing with the fake hair that Dave Martin wore all the time as well.

  3. Never saw S1 or S2... so I'll take your word for it.

    But wasn't there also a hat-woman in S1?... I guess I'll have to find those DVDs ;-)

  4. 'Hat=magic' worked again for Spike ! ! !

  5. I don't think there was a hat woman in Season One, but there was definitely one in Season 2. . .augh, I can't remember her name. Mia? Older, Af-Am, wore a cowboy hat, famously told Cliff that she didn't "give a black bone" what he said and volunteered to leave because she thought that Elia deserved to stay in the competition.

    Also, Marissa and Betty often wore those little toques in that Season, as did Sam.