Monday, May 5, 2008

Jumpin' Jackie

She pushes her weight(s) around more than I thought.

In the 'Mud Run' ep, I was amazed to hear the male trainers mention how little cardio they did. A bit of web research reveals that JW herself does push weight-work much more than cardio. (Bravo's 'Work Out')

Jackie Warner quotes:

“Crunches are a waste of time”...
do weights that target chest, back & torso for good abs.

"Cardio is over-rated"...
do resistance training for speedy metabolism.

"Plyometric jump-squats, and lunges are great"...
do training w/legs and butt. (PJS = hand to sides of head, lower into squat then jump up quickly. Repeat...)

"Do the push-up/punch combo"...
to develop shoulders and arms. Do as many push-ups as you can stand, then stand and (holding 1 lb weights) punch for one minute.

Well, she does look buff - hard to argue with success.
So here's a video on how to do that P-jump-squat:

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  1. 'Not Brian Peeler', thank godWed May 07, 01:38:00 PM 2008

    Not surprised Jackie fired Peeler last night.

    Didja see he was wearing one of his 'signature' T-shirts while working at her gym, even after he'd been given Jackie-wear? Can't imagine how those two buttheads co-existed for this long.

    And btw, Peeler is already divorced after less than one year of marriage. And he did threaten to hit Jackie (over the phone) so maybe this guy has -dangerous- problems?