Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Workout Fallout

Falling out of 'like' with 'Work Out'

Its not 'Work(ing) Out' for me - seems I'm not a good fit for Bravo's 'fit' show anymore. I'm sure others are abandoning the good ship 'J-Abs' too... But of course nothing would keep our drama queen from a 90 sec TV gig:

Interesting that Fox managed to put that logo right over her shoulder. I'm sure she'd love that 'label'.

JW at FoxNews
*it was her usual:

"Fat does not make you fat...”
“Sugar & calories make you fat. Period."
"No food w/ 8 grams of sugar or more."

No bananas: try apples, berries, citris
No commercial yogurt: use low sugar dairy
Do read food packages - 'Doh!'
Do eat: grilled chicken on a salad
Decrease alcohol by half...
Needless to say, that last one made anyone who's watched her party hearty on her show go 'Whoa, Pot, meet Kettle?

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