Thursday, May 8, 2008

Run, Dammit, Run!

Running: its not just for unarmed criminals anymore.
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Workouts sculpt heart as well as muscles

(Reuters) - 'Exercise can cause structural changes in the heart, and these changes vary depending on the type of training... endurance athletes showed an increase in the size of both their left and right ventricles after 90 days of training, while athletes who only did strength training had excessive growth in their left ventricles, but no change in their right ventricle size.

And while the ability of the left ventricle to fully relax between beats, or diastolic function, was enhanced in the endurance athletes, it worsened in the strength trainers...

Whoa. Now that's an endorsement for aerobic workouts. Remember JW's "Cardio is over-rated" aerobics diss?... Hope for her client's sake Jackie & co read Reuter's Health.

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  1. Reuter's link is now fixed... but remember they do sometimes change links when they update stories!