Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dale packs his nuts

Yes, Dale appears to be nuts.
Oops, my bad,
I meant...
'Dale packs his knives & goes'

Everyone realized that this guy had issues, but I have to give props to the reviewer at BuddyTv that guessed that tonight would be the night that Dale would 'PYK&G'.


I think that Dale makes interesting and exciting food, but this next episode is Restaurant Wars and we've already seen that cooperation and controlling his response to team-related frustration are not necessarily his strong suits. - L.S., BuddyTv

Couldn't agree more, I think he's quite capable as a solo chef, but to be a true executive 'top' chef you need to be able to control your kitchen. I just don't see those skills in this guy.

You may declare 'Oh, its those editing monkeys at Bravo.' but for me, as soon as I saw him do a crotch-grab in front of a tv crew, I knew he just didn't have the smarts to run a 4-star anything.

So congrats again to Stephanie, Richard, and Antonia - I'd wait in line to go to your 35 seat diner, anytime.


Was it any surprise that both teams wanted Jen as sous?


via TWoP:

"Lisa?, embrace the potato."


  1. Ack! Just realized:

    Now Spike or Lisa will be going to Aspen.

    And if either of the other three slips up next week... -both- Mr. Weasel and Ms. Crabby will go to Aspen!

  2. Please - one of them is bad enough!

    When I see a grown man grab his crotch, I always think he probably has to pee. You know, like little boys