Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top Chef on Tilt

Lop-Sided = Lisa-Spiked

'Restaurant Wars' was a 'lop-sided' challenge.
But I'm sure it was unintentional on Bravo's part.

Think about how far ahead the shows are scripted.

Way back when Bravo was planning this episode, I'm sure they guessed that the last 6 chefs (of 16) would be reasonably close in their skill level. That way letting the QF winner pick two -wouldn't- be that much of an advantage because they'd -all- be good chefs.

I can't blame the producers/writers for not anticipating that Crabby and Weasel would get this far.

YumSugar talked to Dale recently:

''I'm trying to buckle down and write this screenplay that I've had in my head for the last five to six years. I want to travel and get together an itinerary, and push ideas for a TV show. Keep my face in the media.''
Lovely - TC spawns another fame-hog...

* As of this week, Dale is still a sous-chef.

One final new tidbit from a diner:

''I was one of the diners in this ep, on Antonia/Steph/Richard side (the back of my head was pretty much in every shot on their side). They didn't really mention at all last night that the "gastropub" concept they did was very beer centered -- each dish had its own beer pairing, including dessert. And as such, they served us a lot of beer -- pretty much as much as we could drink!'' -hazel p. (TWoP)

Why didn't they indicate this on the show?


  1. Bravo probably didn't include the beer pairing because they couldn't find a way to plug the ol' Michelob. I would have liked to hear more about the beer pairings. Instead we get "worthy" footage of Spike downing a free one in the stew room.

  2. And why did they mention the diners filled out comment cards when it didn't seem to matter at all in the judging? Or perhaps it would have if both teams had produced either great or lackluster meals....

  3. - Maggie good point! never thought about the no-Michelob factor...

    yes Kathy, ITA - why don't the Bravo folks give us a hint of what the comment cards said?... should we suspect that the diners were at odds with the judge's opinions?

  4. Maggie stole my thought. I must reconfigure my tin-foil hat to prevent further thought thefts from that thought succubus!

  5. And the diner also said she had beer paired with her RW dessert!...

    I can perhaps see beer with Steph's roquefort cheesecake, but what beer goes with Richard's chocolate-whatever dessert?!