Friday, May 9, 2008

Team Spoon Gets Forked!

Ep 4.09, where TC officially becomes 'Top Caterer'.
No Restaurant War? To paraphrase Dale: 'Why are we here'?

I'm not speedy, but with my sharp paring knive I could beat Lisa or Antonia. Andrew grabbing a peeler looked like a genius.

Adding my two cents to the cake debate...
Both were lumpy-bumpy. Taste rules; Lisa wins.
Opinion of the pastry chef guest judge: "Lisa's Chocolate Hazelnut cake ate better... Stephanie's Chocolate Lemon cake was more visually appealing but the texture wasn't as moist and delicious as Lisa's."

When The Chef Couple chose 'Italian' & 'meat-n-potatoes' I LOL'd. They'd obviously watched the show, and were trying to avoid any adventurous surprises... good thinking! They still got anise in the greens, but it could've been worse. Tomato-PB-pasta, followed by wasabi-chocolate cake with eucalyptus foam, anyone?

Lastly: Hey Nikki? Remember when picking party pasta that tortellini should be your last choice. Oops, it actually was your last choice. Buh-bye.


  1. Yeah, They took over an hour for this show with the most lop-sided teams ever? Why??? Amity

  2. I agree about the paring knives, although I always make a mess out of supremes because I can never quite see the white line of membrane clearly enough. And I don't wear my glasses when I do it (duh).