Monday, May 19, 2008

Cozy up to Casey

Casey Thompson, center Top Chef's S3 finalists, Casey Thompson in center.

Casey's blog adds a bit of topping to S4's dish.

re: Sam
'have to give Sam a call and get gory behind-the-scenes details'
Hopefully she'll share them with us.

re: the Quickfire
'How come they never say whose dish was the worst???'
'Spike. You win. And you have an advantage coming your way, AND piercing death stares from all of your fellow contestants
So they didn't even tell them off-camera.

re: the Challenge samples
'Trays of a bunch of fast food packages and brown bags. Wait, this isn't your Elimination Challenge, it's your lunch! They tricked ya! Oh, I'm wrong ... it really is your challenge! The trays of fast food for dinner will come later. Be patient. We all know how much we looked forward to meal time!'
Which means the chefs handle great food
all day, yet get fast-food for themselves?

re: the Challenge itself
'What the hell??? Is anyone else friggin' bored with these challenges?? Box lunches? Zzz ... Come on! Let's really cook here! I really want to see these chefs in a restaurant kitchen rockin' it out!'
So, we aren't the only frustrated viewers.

re: Spike
'Sounds like he is kind of a little shit around the house'

re: the sabotaged brown rice
'it does happen in the kitchen all of the time. No body wants it to happen -- it just does... In this situation, you come up with something else. Barley cooks up really fast. I'm just sayin'...'?

Link: Casey's blog on BravoTv

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  1. Casey was someone nice - the kind of person you'd like to have as a neighbor. I'm glad Bravo is having her blog!