Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Wii-ner for Top Chef?

There's a brand new chef coming in July.
*Chef motto* 'Where there's a 'Wii' there's a way'?

Just read a review for the new Wii chef game:
''Order Up'' ...follows one eager chef on a journey to reach the top of the culinary food chain.'

Sound familiar? - Keep reading:

'test your multitasking skills and push your ability to stay calm under pressure... in the ruthless world of culinary arts – a place where your enemies take the form of rodents, impatient patrons, heath inspectors and food critics.'

Rodents & Critics? - Its Judge's Table!

'You become aware of the Fortified Chef Competition, which will soon be making its way to town... move up the ranks of the culinary world and become a top chef.'

Fortified chefs? - Its the Glad room!

' challenges spice up the gameplay. We are told many mini-game challenges will present themselves throughout'

Whoa, it includes Quickfires!

'...master Mexican, Italian, and ultimately French cuisine'

No 'Asian'? - No Lisa or Dale then?

'...manage your time between cook top stations including the grill, range, cutting board and other areas. A simple meal requires more diligence than you might expect... easier to ruin if left unattended.

Oops, sounds like Lisa is there.

'...12 kitchen assistants, all with their own strengths & weaknesses. Will you hire the guy who is a pro on the grill,(Dale?) or the less talented individual whose quips keep guests entertained (Spike!) long enough to compensate... culminating in the ultimate challenge – the Fortified Chef Competition.'

Now imagining an animated TC finale...
starring a drunken Spike, Dale and Lisa!?

*Don't own a Wii, but I'd love to hear if you try it!

'Order Up's release date is scheduled for July 22 '08.
(Sorry, no idea how much it is, or the controls, etc)
The Game Informer review (opens in new window)

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  1. This sounds like a combination of two popular games out there, Cooking Mama and Diner Dash. My husband is in the game industry and I play/test a lot to see what's new out there and I hadn't seen this yet. I like the style of the graphics and hope they can pull off a fun game. There is also an Iron Chef branded game that's due out for the Wii this year as well.