Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spike takes a hike

Innocent until proven incompetent.
* Maybe he's trying to thaw a frozen scallop?..

'Spike' - I never realized how apt his nickname was until I looked it up in the unabridged dictionary:

1. thicker than a common nail
2. sharp, pointy tool
3. pointed piece - as a weapon
4. abrupt increase of unusual activity
5. the heel...
6. spiked, having projections
7. antler (a--hat?) of a young buck
8. a stalk
9. a pointed portion
10. a hard smash, hit close.
11. Slang. a hypodermic needle.
12. to injure another player
13. hit in air with a powerful motion
14. slam to the ground in the endzone
15. to render (a gun) useless
16. thwart: to spike someone's chances
17. to add alcoholic liquor
18. to add a chemical poison
19. journalism: kill a story, spindle it
20. A thorn or spine.
21. hair twisted in a stiff points
22. young mackerel, 6 inches or less
23. to add flavor or spice
24. to add excitement or vitality
25. to put an end to; 'spike a rumor'
26. to run hot
* Better than your average horoscope, eh?

This may be the -last- Mad(Ass)Hat we'll see this season since Spike got the axe with his 'tomahawk chop'...

So, 'Sayonara', Señor Sharpie!

Did Stephanie just win a $20,000+ prize?
'GE Monogram' range, ovens, microwave, frig, & dw = ??


  1. Wow, quite on the ball! LOL at the twentysomething definitions of "Spike".

  2. I just think it is appropriate that the tomahawk chop took him out. And yes, she won all that.

  3. Ah...that's probably not the last we'll see of the young, under 6", mackerel....

  4. Spike= "sharp, pointy tool". So true!

    You are too funny!!

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  5. Aw, I liked Spike. He's way more likable than Tiffany II, I mean Lisa.