Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to cut a Kiwi

Kiwi Mark's final words regarding 'Top Chef'.
*looks quite different without mop hair, doesn't he?

Finally had a chance to read Mark's post-ep blog:

"rice in microwave for 90 secs, not something I agree with"

"$10 budget - I actually asked if we could shop at a bodega"
(versus Wholefoods - probably what got him axed)
{ever read the disclaimers etc. at show's end?}

"judges commented on lack of protein, but the truth is the rice (complements the) vegetable protein as it contains essential amino acids, and thereby creating a complete meal." {he's right}

"others relied heavily on the ingredients that were supplied in the kitchen and their dishes did not reflect a meal for $10."

That last comment bears an interesting bit of information, and brings to mind one of my pet peeves about 'Top Chef' - we don't get to see all the available ingredients. We have no idea what's stocked in the TC pantry that they can use 'for free' in each episode. And from the example of Andrew finding a case of that Japanese drink he used to make his 'glacier'... there's an eclectic mix in there, and we'd like to see the inventory list, stat!

His 'Recipe Page', btw, had three recipes:
Mussels, Pea Puree, & Brussels Sprouts w/Marmite.

Hmm, nice guy but perhaps we're lucky he's out?... Mark's website

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  1. Did you listen to his comments on teh Bravo clips? What did he mean by calling Padma the Yoko Ono that broke up the band? I don't have any idea what that means.