Wednesday, May 14, 2008

They Read 'Top Chef's Mind!

Actually, just a BuddyTv columnist's mind. (link below)
*Spike? Is it your yucky stuff in front of Sam & Padma?

BuddyTv has some predictions for TC:

Q. So who could head home this week?...

For one, I am wondering about Lisa.
while she has done well in some (her cake last week the best thing about her team's efforts), her screen time has been rather low... other than her conflict with Dale Talde, she really hasn't gotten much exposure...

Despite that I've grown to appreciate Andrew,
...and his deep manic well of excellent sound bites, he, too, hasn't really gotten a ton of screen time... other than his previous weight issues and his funny remarks, Andrew,.. seems more comic sidekick vs protagonist

Spike seems to be getting so much screen time,
I can't imagine he's going home yet. Ditto for Dale.
Richard has seemed to regain his strong footing.
Stephanie continues to be the scrappy competitor...
Antonia... her edit makes me feel like she has the skills to stick around for a bit, barring any major misstep.

FYI: my S4 predictions:

Next to go: Spike #7 -- Lisa #6 -- Dale #5 -- Andrew #4
Finalists: Antonia #3 - Richard #2 - Stephanie #1

Thursday update:
Looks like we were -both- wrong...


  1. And I was soooo puhing for Spike to get thrown out on his smug and bony chicken-tomato-lettuce-bread-hogging rear! But I heard he recently opened up a new restaurant in DC. Would he be doing that and announcing it right now had he gone on to the finals? I don't know...

    Yeah Andrew is nuts he had to go.

  2. 'Uh Oh', Spike has a restaurant?

    Is his daily lunch special: 'Don't You Understand Sweet/Salty Chicken Salad'?